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Eneira Photography

By August 16, 2017QBooth

About Eneira Photography:

I’m Eric Neira from Eneira Photography and I’m a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Brampton. I’ve been in business for about 4 years.

What differentiates me as a photographer is my attention to the moments and expressions. Some of the most important moments happen so quickly and you have to be able to anticipate what is going to happen so that you can click your shutter at the right moment.

How were you introduced to QBooth?

“I first learned about QBooth through a Facebook Group and the idea intrigued me so much. The idea of having interactive mobile games relating to the Bride and Groom sounds like so much fun and something that I think guests would enjoy!”

A couple of Fun Facts about yourself?

  • Not only am I a Photographer but I’m also a computer geek! I love keeping up to date with technology and I think that’s why I find QBooth so interesting. It’s really a new way of looking at wedding entertainment! website here
  • In addition to Weddings, I also love to photograph nature! I often go on photo walks and capture some great photos of nature and landscapes!

This is what Eric is looking forward to in the 2017 wedding season:

I’m truly looking forward to every wedding I get to be part of. Each and every wedding is filled with wonderful moments waiting to be photographed and it’s an honour to be able to capture photographs for all my clients!

Visit Eneira Photography’s website here

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