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EightyFifth Street Photography

By June 26, 2017QBooth

About EightyFifth Street Photography:

Hi, we’re Phoebe and Lelaine, co-owners of EightyFifth Street Photography and we’ve been specializing in documentary wedding and lifestyle photography for the past 6 years. EightyFifth Street Photography is all about capturing genuine moments with an artistic, contemporary style. We believe that every wedding is a unique event, and each couple’s individual personalities and natural chemistry together influence every frame we shoot. That is what gives life to our photos! Our goal is to capture moments that matter, not only the parts of the day that are planned, but also the fleeting and spontaneous moments. We love creating visual memories that allow us to revisit the past and provide access to an otherwise missed or forgotten time.

How were you introduced to QBooth?

“We heard about QBooth through the Tuesdays Together Toronto facebook group.”

What are your thoughts about QBooth?

“The first time we came across QBooth was at the Tuesdays Together Christmas party last year. It was a short glimpse at what this app could do, but we loved how easy it was to execute, because everyone could just use their smartphones to play the game!”

How do you see some brides and grooms benefiting from QBooth at their wedding?

“We had the opportunity to see QBooth at a wedding reception recently, and it was great because it created a lot of opportunities for candid shots of people laughing and interacting with each other. It’s also a wonderful ice breaker for guests who are seated together but may not be familiar with each other. There’s nothing quite like a fun competition to get everyone talking! For brides and grooms with a large wedding, executing a game that gets everyone involved may be difficult, so QBooth is a great option.”

2 Fun facts about yourself.

“Lelaine collects artwork or prints from every city or country she visits. Phoebe is a noodle addict; she often eats some before bed and has yet to feel guilty about it.”

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