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Norman Chan DJ Services

By March 30, 2017QBooth

About Norman Chan:

Norman mainly provides DJ services but is also your all-around Sound and Lighting guy too! If he can’t help you personally with setting up sound, video, or lighting systems, he can probably find you the right person.

If one counts high school, Norman has been spinning for 20 plus years and played at most venues in GTA at least once! He even has crates and crates of vinyl still in the basement. In terms of his go-to wheelhouse of music at weddings, Normal says, “I think I play more “trendy” music than most people especially for weddings. I still go to my share of concerts, festivals and constantly listening to new music via satellite radio and various record pools. I can play a very random “mix” of songs across all genres and can easily move through hundreds of songs in a course of a night.”

A unique element he’d recommend you incorporating at your wedding:

“I am big fan of video dance parties! If you are renting video screens for your wedding for slideshows and QBooth, you might as well do a video dance party also :).”

What Norman thinks about QBooth after seeing them first hand at several weddings:

“Since Qbooth is developed by people who are well connected and involved in the wedding industry for a long time, I think you can expect it to evolve and get better every year! It is a relatively simple way to get all the audience involved and a good way to keep some memories through their guestbook feature.”

This is what Norman is looking forward to in the 2017 wedding season:

I think a lot venues are upgrading their sound/lighting systems (thanks to the influence of “EDM” which focuses a lot on lights and visuals). In terms of what I think is popular, I don’t think there will be many “dance songs” compared to 2-3 years.The shift is towards “urban” music and songs that has a bit slower pace to them.

Norman can be contacted here