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Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

By March 11, 2017QBooth

About Rebecca Chan:

Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events specializes in planning beautiful, luxury weddings and events in Toronto and abroad. Their team understands the importance of a beautifully styled and seamlessly executed wedding, and they are suckers for a good love story. They are known for our sense of style and creating beautiful details that wow guests. Rebecca has been planning events for over a decade, and has a background in event design and graphic design.

Rebecca was introduced to QBooth from a photographer friend who is also in the wedding industry.

When we asked Rebecca about her first hand experience with QBooth at her brides’ weddings, this is what she had to say:

“Couples are always wanting to entertain guests and QBooth is such a fun way to gets guests participating without the cheese factor. When we played it at a few of my weddings last season, guests had a blast and the app worked seamlessly with everyone’s phones. It was a great way to get to know the couple and rally strangers together to play. I’ve seen other game apps that were not geared towards weddings and also not well designed with the guest experience in mind. QBooth blows them out of the water!”

A couple of Fun Facts about Rebecca Chan:

  • She’s been playing ultimate frisbee the last 10 years and it’s how she met her husband.
  • Her idea of a great night is staying in, eating chips and catching up with her girly shows like Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model.

This is what Rebecca is saying about the 2017 season ahead:

In the decor world, I’m looking forward to seeing linenless tables replaced with mirrored and harvest tables! Furniture is a small thing that makes a big difference for visuals.

Interactive food stations aren’t going anywhere, and we’ll be sure to see a lot of that this year. Tropical foliage is making its rounds in the Pinterest world, so it will be interesting to see if this trend will translate into real weddings. It will definitely make for a unique take on floral design! I can’t wait for what this season will bring, it’s always exciting.

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